I’m  Marika, an interior designer and the founder of Luovisio. I live in Finland with my family which consists of my husband and two children. My happy place is the beautiful Finnish nature and at times, I might even be spotted gardening somewhere around our yard. The nature and its endless color combinations are my greatest sources of inspiration.

I love photography, gorgeous sunsets and to do all sorts of things with my family. I’ve been told to I’m a multifunctional person and good in orchestrating many tasks at the same time. The ”Make things happen” characterizes both my personality and way of working.

Marika Ritala-Mäkinen
Interior Designer, Entrepreneur

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Luovisio – Creating functional spaces and pleasant everyday life

Interior design company Luovisio’s passion is to create spaces in which the everyday life flows efficiently and with ease. The priority is to find out the individual needs and expectations of the client through a dialogue in order to design and execute solutions which are functional and pleasant.

Luovisio helps the client in decision making and to understand the outcome of different solutions – even before the final decisions need to be made. 3D visualization is an integral part of the process and enlivens the designs for the client.

A new career through insights

My journey towards entrepreneurship began already in 2010 when I started to build our family house with my husband, although I was quite unaware of it then. We plunged into our project with high confidence and full devotion with little prior knowledge. Soon enough we discovered that the building project resembled something of a chaos while trying to manage family life.

It was difficult to picture what the dimensions of the house would be, let alone how the furniture, lightning and general atmosphere would turn out without concrete images. I mulled over the dimensioning, lightning and surface materials for weeks and I even draw the floor plan in its actual size in a bottom of a sand pit. ‘There has to be an easier way of doing this’ I remember thinking.

I tried to scrape together information about surface materials which were suitable for families with children and there was plenty of it available. But it was challenging to piece together all the crumbs of information and make decisions based on them, especially because one is so emotionally involved when building one’s home. I wished that I had a sort of a sparring partner to work the interiors with at the time.

As I gained first-hand experience from building, I became interested in understanding the process the way an interior designer would. So, later in 2010 I started interior design studies alongside my IT-related day job. Thanks to these background skills I wanted to explore what 3D visualization could offer and I was so swept away that I spend hours modelling different design options.

Entrepreneurship continued

With the encouragement from my loved ones and wisdom from earlier phases of life I realised that I had something to offer for other people. Since I started my studies I have had different interior design projects and in August 2016 I founded the interior design company Luovisio while I returned from my second maternity leave.

Passion and zeal for interior design have guided me through the journey and I want it to show in the future too in everything I do. Promoting general well-being with functional spaces and creating pleasant homes for families with children are close to my heart.

I’m happy to do what I love and I’m excited to meet and help people through my work.

My ambition is to create spaces and atmospheres which inspire people and in which the practicality of everyday activities have been carefully considered.